Berni Albrighton is donating 5% of all net profits made from the worldwide sale of this book, to The Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi. SoTM is a non-profit volunteer group which was founded in 1988.  Described by David Bellamy, an active supporter of the island, as the ‘flagship of the green renaissance and worthy of world heritage status.’  Tiritiri Matangi is the perfect example of what a group of like-minded, passionate people can achieve.

ABout Tiritiri Matangi

Conservation applies to flora (flowers, plants, trees) and fauna (animals that live and come from that region). Where birds and animals are involved, conservation will often include breeding programs to increase the numbers, especially when the animal is an endangered species (like the Tuatara and the Kokako). Breeding programs are carried out in community managed reserves, like Tiritiri Matangi, or in specialist zoos. The people involved in breeding programs will include experts who know
about the breed and understand the conditions needed to get the most success. The right conditions will include habitat (where the animal can find natural food, shelter and the right breeding environment).

Book a talk

Berni gives talks about Tiritiri Matangi and explains how effective conservation can be when a group of like-minded people come together to protect the environment.

Your name written in the alphabet of The Old Man of Tiritiri Matangi

The perfect gift for any age – illustrated by Guy A Chapman, this  beautiful artwork is created using The Old Man of Tiritiri Matangi alphabet. Each letter took Guy between 3 and 5 hours to create.The result is a piece of art that is very special.                        Go to Shop for more information.