About the book

He sits on Hobbs Beach, this 950 year-old majestic
Pohutukawa tree, and I would sit on the rock in front of him, looking at the holes burrowed out of the sandbanks around his roots.

I was leaving New Zealand to return home to the UK and it would be a long time before I sat on this rock again, so I decided to give him a voice and let him share his life with us.

The Old Man of Tiritiri Matangi is his story and is born out of my love for the island and everything that lives on it. The story is spoken by the tree, whose name is Paikea. He will introduce you to all of his friends.

About The Island

The island of Tiritiri Matangi sits in the Hauraki Gulf, just 30km North East of the city of Auckland. You can very easily walk the whole of the island in one day as it measures just 2.2 km².

As you walk around you will notice how the island changes dramatically from one side to the other. There are steep walks that take you to rugged landscapes and spoil you with amazing scenes overlooking beaches and rocks. Flora appears wilder; it’s almost as though you are on a completely different island.


David Bellamy reviews The Old Man of Tiritiri Matangi

Dear Berni,

This is a great read, my congratulations. I sat back and re read it, remembering that your readers do not yet know about the island as you do. Once they read your book they will want to visit. It is a magical island, let the world know about it.


David Bellamy

Berni Albrighton takes you on an enchanted and magical journey to a place that actually exists.

‘Let your imagination be peaked by the beautiful illustrations as the story weaves through the lives of the inhabitants of the island. I was swept up in the story. Absolutely delicious.’

Mel Read-Director of Bluebell & Lily.   www.bluebellandlily.co.nz

Book a talk

Berni gives talks about Tiritiri Matangi and explains how effective conservation can be when a group of like-minded people come together to protect the environment.